The Six D’s Of Satan…

Deception, Doubt, Discouragement, Diversion, Defeat, and Delay

Honor Yourself & Others

Honor Yourself & Others

By the grace of God I don’t live my life by these 6 D’s.

I was recently in a relationship and she lived her life by the 6 D’s even though she ‘said’ she didn’t. It was all a front and fraud.  She has given into deception of herself and others, the very first D.

Because of my Catholic and military upbringing, I was blessed since early childhood:

  • To not deceive, be honest
  • Not doubt, believe
  • Not discourage, be uplifting
  • Don’t divert, lead and tackle head-on
  • Don’t accept defeat, fight to win
  • Don’t delay; make decisions quickly and go for it.

I did everything I could to support her and servant-lead by example.  She chose the 6 D’s instead.

I don’t need someone that lives by the 6 D’s.  I don’t deserve that person or anyone like them either.

And you don’t either. Have faith in God that he will guide you to be honest, to believe, to uplift others and yourself, to lead head-on, to win, and go for it without delay.



2 Responses

  1. Next time, pray for another “D”, Discernment before your friendship becomes a relationship.

  2. You’re absolutely right Kathy.

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