Got a Problem with the NSA, Gas Prices, Unemployment…? Here’s an Answer

Great screen writing. Well acted. True today:

Good Will Hunting: “Why shouldn’t I work at the NSA” segment.

We’re these scriptwriters that good?  Reminds me of Shibumi, published in 1979.  Look it up. It predicted the future too.

Want to learn to write well?  Learn from the masters.

Are You Ready to Rise Up as a Dad (or even as a Single Parent)?

It’s 4:50 a.m. and I’m waiting at Denny’s for Rob Otto.

Rob has been a family friend plus a math tutor and mentor to my teenage son for quite a while.  I met him because his wife used to babysit my son before they got married.

Rob has also been a good friend while I’m going through a divorce, a really ugly one.

Why 5 a.m.?  That’s the only time both of us can get together.  We eat breakfast and talk.

This time of day doesn’t bother Rob… he’s a graduate of West Point Military Academy and a former officer in the Army Airborne Rangers.  5 a.m. is “sleeping in” for those guys.

Today plays out the same as usual… Rob shows up at 4:59 sharp.  He listens to me, points out passages in the Bible that give the answer to the problem we’re talking about, and he listens some more.

It’s an amazing gift and blessing.

God bless Rob and the few like him. It’s rare to find someone with wisdom, toughness, honesty, humility, and honor.

Need Rob in your life? Read on to see how you can meet with Rob at any time of the day or night to become a leader in your family.


Seems like a lifetime has passed but those breakfast meetings were only 8 years ago.

Back then Rob held me accountable to stay on a straight and narrow path to try and get my kids through divorce.

He also gave me super advice about raising my kids – doing it as a leader with Jesus Christ and His teaching as the foundation and guide.  That hasn’t made me into “Super Dad.”  I’m still just a sinner that is God’s work in progress.  But it has made a difference.

My oldest son is now 24, married and a member of a church, in the Marine Corps, and a Business Management major with great grades at the University of South Carolina.  He’s my hero for many reasons; but, mostly because 8 years ago he was being driven to total failure with little hope to turn it around.

Rob was a big part of laying the foundation underneath my son, and under me as a dad, before and during tragedy, loss, and ruin, so that my son could transform himself, with God’s help, into a squared away, solid man.

Now Rob has compiled that wisdom and more into a book he’s just published:

Rise Up! For Dad’s Who Want to Lead Boldly

It’s amazing how close Rob’s book hits home.  My story as a beginning father isn’t much different than most men, even Christian men.

When Rob asked a Sunday school class of married couples how many had seen their fathers take the lead in spiritual matters in their childhood homes. Only four people out of fifty raised their hands. He is convinced that most of us did not see a good example from our fathers in this particular area.

Most guys simply don’t know how to be the spiritual leaders their families need.  The attitudes and action weren’t modeled for them so they weren’t taught what to do.

That was certainly the case in my childhood.  My mother was expected to be the spiritual leader when I was growing up and so I expected that in my marriage. My drastic mistake.

There are many other reasons men don’t step up to lead their families the way they should.  They are outlined in the book, not to beat men up, but to let you know you aren’t alone.

Rob will get you started with what you need to know to lead your family, especially your children, boldly.  He provides a lifelong approach for a family with kids of any age still at home.

The book includes:

>> All the reasons you aren’t the spiritual leader you could be. Some will be very familiar.  Page 15.

NOTE: The book is not about judging you.  It’s a pat on the back and a helpful point in the right direction.

>> Why your wife and children need you to be the spiritual leader in your home.  Page 30.

>> God commanded fathers to teach their children about Jesus and His Truth, not churches and youth pastors. Churches and pastors are partners in the process, but should not be expected to be in charge of leading our children.  Page 39.

>> Why we should instruct our children. Page 53.

>> You are not too late!  Even if your kids are in high school, it is never too late.  Learn how!  Page 65.

>> Do you want your relationship with your wife to grow stronger?  Lead and grow now!  Page 90.

>> See actual conversations inside Rob’s family to learn how spiritual leadership works, even in awkward situations.  Page 126.

>> If you do your job well, your children will be well grounded in their faith for life and have a worldview based on truth, not what is portrayed on TV or other wrongful influencers. Page 160.

>> How do you and your family respond to storms?  Page 188.

>> What are the benefits of your leadership?  Page 202.

There’s a lot more to this book than what I’ve shown above.  These are just examples.

You’ll be surprised at the depth of teaching Rob’s book offers.  And even though the topic is thoroughly researched and scripture based, it doesn’t read like a textbook.  It’s actually entertaining.  It “sounds” like Rob.

Another surprising aspect of the book is that you can apply these principles even if you are a single dad or single mom.  Your children, AND YOU, will be blessed greatly!

If you do what’s in this book, you’ll gain from a lifestyle change that will amaze you.  I’ve seen it in action in Rob’s family, with my 24 year old, and with my youngest son, who is now 4.



RISE UP! For Dads That Want to Lead Boldly
By Dr. Robert Otto


Dr. Robert Otto is passionate about encouraging men to be the spiritual leaders their families need. He knows from experience how powerful role models are as men learn to lead. Robert graduated from the United States Military Academy. He is an Airborne Ranger and served as an Infantry Officer in the Army. He draws on this wealth of leadership experience in his speaking and writing.

Robert earned a PhD in Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. He is on staff at Spanish River Counseling Center in Boca Raton, Florida. He and his wife, Shannon, serve as associate staff with Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry. Together they conduct marriage seminars at military installations around the country, teaching and encouraging military couples. Robert has been active in leading men’s Bible studies, teaching a Sunday School class for young families, and speaking at church retreats.

Robert and Shannon have been married since 1993. They live in Boca Raton, Florida and homeshool their three children.

Get This Guy Off the Beach!

Mike’s been spending way to much time at the beach lately:  Running, swimming, surfing.  Time for MORE CLIENTS!

Mike is a specialist in writing, the Internet, social media strategy, and most importantly, Brand Journalism.

If you need a freelance writer to work on some projects, contact Mike today!

50 Iconic Writers Who Were Repeatedly Rejected

I’ll never forget a professor at my journalism college that said to me, “You’ll never be a writer. I won’t allow you to represent this college as a writer that graduated from here.”

Then he proceeded to give me a “D” in a class I needed to graduate.  I never received less than an A in a writing class.  He was the only professor that taught the class.  University policy: you can’t graduate with a D, so a D was essentially a failing grade.  He had me in a vice-grip.

I eventually forgave him because he was a fool.  Don’t be mad at fools.  Don’t give them that power or control over you.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I went over his head to the Dean, a former Commander in the Navy and Viet Nam Vet, and the Dean allowed me to take the class again with a different professor grading my papers.

I retyped the exact same papers from the “failing” semester.  Got an A.

Turns out that the professor that worked to stop me from graduating was an extreme liberal and didn’t like that I wore a badge and uniform to class.  I was employed full-time as a lieutenant in the Marine Patrol.

The Marine Patrol Chief gave me a break to go to class during a flex-lunchtime so I could complete my last class in college and graduate.  There was no time to change before class.  I had to go “off the grid” on my two-way radio in the rescue truck and get back on right away after class to make the flex-time work.

This was in the 1970’s and most college professors hated the military or anyone in uniform.  Sounds like this century too.  He told me early in the semester that I shouldn’t be allowed to wear my uniform to class.

So this academic elitist decided to try and do me in.  That was in 1979.

Flash forward 10 years later.  I won a NY Film Festival Award in 1989 for producing a production that showed the world what the Web would be like when it went “live” in 1995.  It received international press, made the NY Times, and the production was shown on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America.

I’ve been working as a professional writer, producer, and marketing/PR executive for over 30 years now with cover stories in PC Magazine, real estate magazines, dozens of newspapers, TV segments on Discovery Channel, and on and on.  Employers and clients include: IBM, Motorola, Pulte Homes, World Wildlife Fund, Icom, and hundreds of others.

The professor of nothing did exactly that.  He retired without ever creating a thing worth talking about and I’m positive his students didn’t learn anything from him.   Remember, I know, I had to take his class twice.

Moral of the Story

So many people have so many hidden agendas.  You may never know the real reason for criticism and rejection.  Sometimes it’s honest.  Many times it’s caught up in something that has nothing to do with you.  Move on.

Like every writer, I’ve been turned down on projects, received rejection letters, and suffered some disappointments.  Everyone does, not just writers.  But the positives of having productions win a $50 million account from the Vatican, a $1.2 billion order from the Premier of China, an International President Award from the World Wildlife Fund, plus many other successes, far outweigh the negatives.

Work hard at your craft.  Learn it.  Let your work speak for itself.  Wrestle it into submission to make it great and publish.  Don’t take no for an answer!  Be productive!  If you love your profession, you’ll be successful.

There are many others, more famous than you or I, that have been rejected before.  Click here to see the list and their stories:

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