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First of Four Parts
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Is It Time?

Patriots to prevent ruin

I believe today we have almost exclusively vain and aspiring men and women in politics at the national level.  Where are the patriots Samuel Adams talked about?

Where is the national media to keep these climbers in check?

Just One Crisis of Many: Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi

The press didn’t answer the questions. Still waiting:

Well, Mr. & Mrs Media, where are ya?

“If ever the time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” –Samuel Adams

“That Looks Nasty…!”

Oh, that's nasty...

“Oh, that’s nasty…”

I know you’ve seen it.  The ugly images and video that are appearing more and more to interrupt your peaceful viewing on the net.

The news media is doing it.  Bloggers are doing it more.  Advertisers too.

It’s all about attention. The uglier, the nastier, the better – in their eyes.

They can’t get attention with what they are covering, their content and ideas, their business model.  So off to ugly-land they go.  Where they will stop, nobody knows…

You won’t see any of that here.  Not my style.

Remember, you might be more than what you eat – you might be what you read and see.  Don’t get any on you.

Cut the nasty publishers off, un-bookmark them. Un-friend and un-circle them.  Who needs that nasty in their life?  You don’t.

Howard Kurtz Moving to Fox News From CNN: Five Observations

Howard Kurtz

Is this Fox trying to be more “Fair and Balanced?” Mr. Kurtz will anchor a show called Fox News Watch. He was anchoring the CNN media watchdog show Reliable Sources.

It remains to be seen if this changes the Fox brand at all. I think only journalism wonks like me ever watched Reliable Sources.

In fact, I’ll bet very few people will even read this post or the link below – because this news is BORING! ;o)

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spankMedia outlets and other content providers need to SHUT THEIR AUTOMATIC VIDEO ADS OFF ON THEIR STORIES.

Many don’t allow you to pause them or turn the volume off.  You end up having to dive for your speakers to shut them off or turn the volume down.

Not only does it interrupt what viewers are trying to view or read but it disturbs other people in the house or office. It also slows computers down.

There’s an unwritten rule in making software and websites that I learned while at IBM. Let the user control where they go, what they do, and what they want.

If a content provider violates that rule, takes control away from the user, it hurts the provider’s brand so bad that they could at least lose viewers; and, possibly go out of business.

In addition, it makes me HATE the advertiser. How’s that for a business model?

The Free Press is Dead

FreePress1Nobody killed the news. The news committed suicide.

The press chose advocacy instead of reporting so the readers and viewers retreated to their own sources. If few are consuming the traditional news it withers and dies. Slow suicide.

You would think the folks that are professional communicators would have realize that before it happened. But they were blinded by their own power. Now the power of the press is no more.

Recent Examples


– U.S. Govt Seizes Associated Press Journalists’ Phone Records. This is intimidation of the press by the Obama administration, specifically U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder…. and the story and issue will be stonewalled by the government. Obama will get away with it because most of the press is in his pocket. The fact that the AP GAVE THE NUMBERS and contents to the U.S. Justice department is proof that there is NO FREE PRESS.  Interesting that I wrote about the free press is dead several days ago, and then this story broke – proving my point.
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– Benghazi is bigger than Watergate. Four Americans died. The press is leaning toward firing the only mainstream reporter willing to cover the story.

– The IRS is targeting groups that aren’t “friendly” to the Obama administration. The press is MIA.

– Obamacare is a looming disaster. Nobody in the press is covering it.

– Infanticide and gender abortion is actively going on in the USA. Nobody in the press cares.

– A state university professor and college disciplines a student for exercising his free speech rights about not wanting to stomp on Jesus. The press ignores it until bloggers report nationwide.

– Unemployment numbers are grossly manipulated by govt sources. The press says “They told me no math is involved in this job.”

– Fast and Furious gun running by Eric Holder at the Justice Dept from the U.S. to Mexico has been whitewashed by the press as ‘no big deal.’ U.S. officers and citizens have been killed with those guns.

In many of these cases, Americans died. The U.S. press doesn’t care. Since when does American’s dying not matter to the U.S. press? Today that’s true otherwise they would cover it, investigate it, and report on it until someone in the government does a perp-walk. Because the press doesn’t do its job, they have lost their freedom and they are losing their clout.

The current press advocates public policy directly against the values and beliefs of 50% of its readers because of a political agenda. Not only is it the wrong thing to do; but, it’s stupid.

Those readers pay half your salary ya dope.

Yes the free press is dead. I say, let it be buried now. The sooner the better.

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