Got a Problem with the NSA, Gas Prices, Unemployment…? Here’s an Answer

Great screen writing. Well acted. True today:

Good Will Hunting: “Why shouldn’t I work at the NSA” segment.

We’re these scriptwriters that good?  Reminds me of Shibumi, published in 1979.  Look it up. It predicted the future too.

Want to learn to write well?  Learn from the masters.

To Get to the End, You Have to Start at the Beginning

the endJust gave someone some advice about the writing profession.

It’s amazing to me that people that have no education in writing, no interest in going to class or workshops on writing, have not written anything or been asked to write anything, don’t practice writing, don’t spend any time looking into it or doing it…. they are just interested…

It’s not a letter to home folks. Not everyone can do it. You have to have the God given genes, and I’m not talking about Levi’s, and you have to do it, study it, practice it, learn from others…. just like any other profession.

You can’t reach the end without starting at the beginning.


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