How Did the World Get This Upside Down?

A continuing series of thoughts and news about how people twist things so that when someone that does something bad; well, they get praised, and someone that does something good is trashed by others, arrested, or blamed.  Makes you wonder about the people doing the praising, huh? Chances are they are doing the trashing, arresting, and blaming too.

How did things get this way?

You’ve seen it before.  It’s a familiar situation in sports: A player commits an unreasonably hard foul and the person fouled gets in the face of the person that committed the foul.  The ref rarely catches the first move but almost always catches the second and punishes the player that reacted to something bad.

Another word picture: Person A does something wrong.  Person B points it out.  Person B gets beat up by person A and others. When did that become OK?

I don’t expect life to be fair.  But come on people!

Could it be moral relativism?  What do you think?


– Wal-Mart Fires an Employee for Confronting a Shoplifter

– A mother beats and bites her kid, on several occasions, and still gets custody.

– We ask our soldiers and marines to become targets on the street and battlefield before giving them the right to fight during a war, when the other side doesn’t even wear uniforms.  Then we call it “Rules of Engagement.”  They don’t want to date the enemy, their job is to kill or capture.  The leaders that make these “rules” for our troops are WRONG.  Leader, if you decide to fight a war, know before you decide that war is HELL ON EARTH and innocent people die.  Don’t send the troops, and tell them not to fight, if you don’t want that to happen.

– Brave grandma arrested after standing up to yobs

– Using no-fault divorce laws, judges award an adulterer half of the marital assets and spousal support.  Does the word “Vow” mean anything?

Divorce is a multi-billion dollar industry. Judges, attorneys, and others in the divorce industry have a personal financial interest in the destruction of your marriage.

– Cities are making it illegal to feed money into another drivers’ parking meter when it runs out so they won’t get a ticket.  The local government wants the ticket revenue.  It adds up more than the meter fees.

– Teachers are having sex with students more and more.  It’s wrong, at any age, including college.

– Child Arrested for Defacing School Desk

– Good Samaritans get arrested or sued.  No wonder folks don’t want to get involved.

– Parents Consider Legal Action After Autistic Girl, 8, Arrested at School

– An employer can’t fire an employee for bad performance without legal action.

– Our government allows people to kill kids, but we don’t call it murder.  We call it abortion.  It’s our #1 export around the world.

– If teachers use appropriate punishment of a student in school that did something wrong, the parents lawyer up and sue the teacher, school, school board, school janitor, witnesses, the coach that was out on the playing field on the opposite side of the school from where the incident happened…. You wonder why there is no discipline in schools?

– Countries, states, counties, and cities will spend money they don’t have and don’t have any chance of getting.  It’s pretty easy spending someone else’s money, even when you don’t have it yet.

– Who said there is something wrong with a mother staying home to take care of her kids, without daycare, and without a job outside the home… or, a dad while the mother works?  Anyone that does that now is looked upon with disdain.  You wonder why our kids are so angry all the time?

Common sense has been turned on its head.

Add to the list!  I’m sure you can find or think of some.

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