Made some librarians angry at me yesterday

Picture it.  Mad librarians. Really funny actually.

They posted nasty things about me because I wrote a post about commercial writers. They don’t like us I guess.  We make money writing for a living.

They called me names like clown and others.  I was crushed.  I like librarians.  I love libraries.

But think about it.  It’s really hard to get a library science degree.  The pay is rotten.  And if you go to work at a university you have to put up with a bunch of pinhead and rude college kids all day asking the same stupid questions.

It’s enough to drive anyone to a bad mood all the time.

From looking at their profiles, the bashers are all in some sort of university setting and they write to each other a lot.  They’re all guys.  No “Marion the Librarian” here.  One guy said he has written 13 books.  Great!  Congratulations!

I looked them up.  They were all written about hard secret library stuff.  The only purchasers were university library reference desks.

Man, that’s a lot of work to sell a few thousand books total.  Guess I would be mad too.

Don’t take this wrong.  I like librarians.  Most librarians are nice, great people so I’m not picking on all librarians.  Just the select few that are part of the pity-party club.

Do your thing guys…

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