Best Grassroots Campaign to Defeat Obama in the 2012 Election

How to beat Obama and the Dems?  Simple.

When you go to get gas for your car, just take a photo with your cellphone camera of the price per gallon and how much you paid. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any social network you can think of and put a caption below it: Thanks Obama.

Then in November, watch the votes turn away from Obama to whomever is running against him.

Thanks Obama

If we were drilling in the available places in North America prices wouldn’t be where they are. Obama is foot dragging permits on drilling and pipelines for a reason. It’s his policy to make prices higher to force green energy adoption.

He absolutely is responsible for the higher prices.

Pipeline Map in North America.

Could there really be a problem adding one more pipeline?  What’s one more?  If this many older pipelines haven’t caused an environmental problem, how bad could a new one with new technology be?  Give me a break!!!

In the meantime the Chinese just started drilling off the Florida coast in one of the most environmentally risky places – and Obama won’t allow us drill in safer places in the gulf.

Whose fault are gas prices?  Obama

Post your pictures every time you get gas and welcome a new resident to the Whitehouse in the next term.

And if you want, post your pictures in the comments below!  I’ll forward them to social media for you!

A friend just posted:

Thanks Obama

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