Public Sector Unions Need to Go Out of Business

Union leaders have become the new robber barons, becoming just like the organizations that they are against.

When public worker unions become more demanding and powerful than the taxpayer (many of whom have no pensions, no 401K’s, and terrible benefits), it’s too much.

Unions need to go out of business. They aren’t protecting workers. They are holding taxpayers hostage while delivering substandard service.

Town, county, and state government employees in the same position here locally have a higher salary than me and others in the private sector (non-profit and for-profit), have better benefit packages, and better retirement packages. Plus public sector employees are virtually layoff proof (just raise taxes to cover them or raise the tuition in the case of state colleges) – unlike everyone in my profession as reported by the local professional groups here.

Twenty years ago public sector compensation packages were less than private sector but it’s no longer true today. I work on public policy stories and see the actual numbers for compensation packages.

The unions are so powerful they have ruined our schools, and therefore our children’s education, and hold the everyday taxpayer hostage for ever increasing taxes with fewer and fewer public services.

Governor Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions
I Hope!
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