A Conspiracy to Spend Less, Give More

Before you go shopping today, please read this.

This year, during a recession, Americans spent $45 Billion on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  On Cyber Monday, Americans spent $1 Billion online.

It has been predicted that Americans will spend $450 Billion this holiday season.  What recession?

Is this what God wanted to celebrate his son’s birthday? Christ’s first day?

There is an answer:

The Advent Conspiracy: Jesus gave Himself

So what do you think?  There’s another idea!

Give relationship time, a personal touch, personal resources, and personal sacrifice to your family and friends for Christmas.  Not purchased gifts.

Use the money you were going to spend to help the poor, hungry, lonely, sick, and thirsty.

To see a presentation to learn more, click here!

Stay tuned for some ideas on how to Give More and Spend Less!

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