Did the Mob Like James Gandolfini, Actor for Character Tony Soprano?

JamesGandolfiniJames Gandolfini died at age 51 in Rome yesterday. Yeah, in Italy. On his way to Sicily.

The conspiracy crowd is going to go NUTS over this one.

I wonder what the Mob thought of him in the U.S. and the Mafia families in Sicily?  Does anyone know?  Please comment below.

What a shame Mr. Gandolfini died prematurely. I don’t watch much TV but I liked The Sopranos.  He was a great actor.

God rest his soul and be with his family now.

Read More About Probable Cause of Death (CNN)

See More About His Life and Work (Wikipedia)



spankMedia outlets and other content providers need to SHUT THEIR AUTOMATIC VIDEO ADS OFF ON THEIR STORIES.

Many don’t allow you to pause them or turn the volume off.  You end up having to dive for your speakers to shut them off or turn the volume down.

Not only does it interrupt what viewers are trying to view or read but it disturbs other people in the house or office. It also slows computers down.

There’s an unwritten rule in making software and websites that I learned while at IBM. Let the user control where they go, what they do, and what they want.

If a content provider violates that rule, takes control away from the user, it hurts the provider’s brand so bad that they could at least lose viewers; and, possibly go out of business.

In addition, it makes me HATE the advertiser. How’s that for a business model?

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