FAU: Are You Out of Your Damn Mind? Version 2

FAU LogoFAU FINALLY dropped all charges against the student, reinstated him, and I guess apologized for real this time.  If you’ve been following the fast moving and twisting story, FAU has been stepping all over themselves:

– First FAU supported the dopey professor (who’s in hiding because the press can’t reach him) after he asked his students to ‘stomp on Jesus.’

Oh and don’t forget this “prof” is also the vice chairman of the Palm Beach County Democrat Party – A fact first discovered and published by Write at the Beach.

– Then FAU kind of apologized.

– Then FAU brought charges against the student.

– Then FAU really apologized… I think.

And again, let me remind you, these professors are in the College of Communication – you know, the college program that teaches PR.

Something should happen to the professor and other academic and administrative yo-yo’s involved.  Both the professor and FAU President have been missing in action.

It got so bad the Florida governor stepped in. I mean if the governor thought it was important don’t you think the university president would think so?

Governor Scott wants answers on FAU ‘Jesus’-stomping controversy

Read More (Palm Beach Post) He has demanded an investigation.

Click to See the Letter Gov. Scott Sent to the Chancellor of the State University System


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