FAU: Are You Out of Your Damn Mind?

FAU LogoOK.  It’s time for a bunch of people to get fired:

  • Deandre Poole: The FAU instructor and Palm Beach County Democrat Vice Chairman that asked students to stomp on a paper with Jesus on it.
  • Noemi Marin, FAU School of Communication Director and Poole’s supervisor that initially defended the assignment to stomp on Jesus.
  • The FAU investigator that attempted to intimidate the student.
  • The FAU public relations and media relations executive in charge of FAU communication.
  • FAU Associate Dean Rozalia Williams, who wrote a letter filing charges against the student: “Notice of Charges.”
  • Jim Neuliep, a communications professor at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin that wrote the class textbook and the instructors manual that has the stupid assignment to stomp on Jesus.

Why should they be fired?

Because anyone in academia that would ask a student to stomp on Jesus is an idiot.  It’s bad pedagogy, stupid public policy, and defies common sense. And suspending a student for voicing a complaint against something so offensive is an abuse of power.

In addition, this is the school of COMMUNICATION. Part of their job is to teach students how to do public and media relations.  This case has been so badly handled from a PR point of view, it’s CLEAR these professors and the university don’t have a CLUE how to do PR.  Does ANYONE want these people teaching our students?

Do you want to pay their salaries?  FAU is a state university and is supported with YOUR tax dollars.  Is this what you want taught?

This assignment is what I call “shock lectures.”  Many professors today like to shock students with content or concepts for the teacher’s entertainment or to sell a textbook, not to teach students anything.

And most professors are democrats, part of the liberal left.  See the “Talking Points Memo” on The Factor by Bill O’Reilly tonight and he goes into the specific story and why this is a problem in our country:

Time for these professors to go.  Share this story and make it happen.


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